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Nava Izak

Nava Izak

As a parent of a young adult with autism, I can appreciate the wonderful service Friendship Circle has provided to my son throughout the years and to our community. I decided to Ride 4 Friendship to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Friendship Circle staff and volunteers for their incredible effort to enhance the lives of children with special needs and their families. Thankfully, services, support, and programs like Friendship Circle are widely available for children with autism today. However, services, support, and programming are lacking in South Florida for those children who are already grown and transitioning to adulthood.
I am motivated to raise $100,000 to launch a new specialized vocational and daily life skills training program for this underserved group. Please join me in this effort to increase their independence and promote a higher quality of life for the young adult members of Friendship Circle!

Thank you,

Nava Izak


​P.S. If you want to donate through a charitable foundation, you can find Friendship Circle under EIN 27-1027169. Let me know the amount so we can apply via my page.



raised of $100,000 goal


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